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A glossary of the tags we use in our posts, as they may be somewhat obscure for the uninitiated.

alehouse characters – patrons of the early modern pub
better a shrew than a sheep
– gender relations and gender-related
classy history – class conflict and other borrowings from Marx
the craft – academic life, the historical profession, historiography, &c.
the curse of Adam – graft in the past
deep thoughts – very silly things
distempered wits – Elizabethan letters of an ‘unusual’ bent
divine inspiration – religion, reformation and an occasional angel
fantastic Thoresby – antiquarian, topographer and dissenter Ralph Thoresby
the final frontier – space and the ‘spatial turn’
food for thought – historical theory, via the medium of food and drink history
found art – random discoveries in the archives
hear ye! hear ye! – official announcements and royal proclamations
heavenly harmonies – music, both heavenly and hellish
history from below event – online multi-authored symposium, ran in 2013
hunger-bitten lives – beggars, paupers and the experience of poverty
jobbing historians – advice and info about jobs, funding, PhDs and more
little monsters – teaching the next generation of many-headed monsters
Madison Avenue – advertisements and self-promotion
marooned monographs – themed reading lists hand picked by monster heads
memorial – martyrs, monuments and remembering
nomenclature – names, innit?
Norwich entertainments – a self-explanatory series
the odious and loathsome sin – getting drunk
penny merriments – ballads and other ‘cheap print’
politiques & politicos – Politics with a capital ‘P’
pop culture – rustical entertainments, folkways, mentalitĂ©, and all that jazz
pretty pictures – what the bible calls ‘graven images’
pseudo-sciences – alchemy, astronomy, medicine and other sciency stuff
REED – discoveries in the Records of Early English Drama series
the people? – what to call the subjects of history from below?
voices of the people – online multi-authored symposium, ran in 2015
the woolcomber’s world – insights from the diary of Joseph Bufton
West country wonders – posts about the South West of England
workers’ representation – pictures of people earning their crust

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