Monster Carnival

Starting in 2022 the many-headed monster will be hosting a series of regular ‘Monster Carnivals’. Based on our successful online symposium model (see here, here, here) these will provide a platform for guest bloggers to address critically important themes in current history scholarship.

Monster Carnival 2022: A Call for Contributions

Our first Monster Carnival will be launched in Autumn 2022. Each Carnival will have a broad organising theme. For this first one we are calling for contributions that highlight why early modern history matters to wider scholarly debates and to broader society.

This could be something very small – such as a microhistory that gives some unexpected insight into the human condition – or very something big – such as an argument about the long-term impact of early modern globalisation. It could be focused on the relevance of early modern history to issues that are central to current conversations such as racism, migration, disease or invasion. Or it could speak to the role of learning and teaching early modern history in an environment placing renewed official emphasis on STEM subjects and vocational training. Or it could be something completely different – as long as you can pitch a post that sounds interesting and might fit under the heading of ‘why early modern history matters’, we’re happy to consider it!

We are also particularly keen to receive responses to the BlacKKKShakespearean call to action on the need to diversify early modern studies. The call emerges from a US and literary studies context, but we would welcome posts on the application of this agenda to UK History Departments, and to any other relevant contexts where early modern history is studied.

Information on how to submit, and advice for writing blog posts, can be found here:

The deadline for submissions is August 31 2022.
Any questions, email:
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