The people love us

Brodie Waddell and Mark Hailwood

At some point around midnight on Saturday, September 1st, the many-headed monster received its thousandth hit. This calls for a celebratory cheesy animated gif…

Not bad for only a month and a half of blogging. Thanks to our readers for taking an interest in our thoughts an d little discoveries. And keep the comments coming. This place works best when you share your own interpretations and experiences alongside ours.

Also, on a more technical matter, we have now split up the ‘manyheadedmonster’ user into its component parts (manyheadedhailwoodbrodiewaddell), so it will now be possible to click on the author’s name at the top of each new post and see all of their other posts, except for those published before today.

UPDATE (03/09/12): Apparently the people love us even more than we could have hoped, because yesterday we jumped from around 1,000 total views to over 1,250. Thanks to Loretta Chase and Isabella Bradford for linking to us.

Update (14/09/12): Today we hit 2,000. When we make it 10K, we’ll have to break out the bubbly.

2 thoughts on “The people love us

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