The monster sprouts two new heads

Brodie Waddell and Mark Hailwood

For the last couple of months we have been a very strange sort of ‘many-headed monster’: a creature with only two heads.

That is all well and good for muppets, but we – as pedants scholars – believe that ‘many’ ought to denote at least three and preferably four.

It is thus with great relief that we welcome two new authors to the blog: Laura Sangha and Jonathan Willis. Like us, they are both historians of early modern England and hold PhDs from Warwick.¹ But unlike us, they are also well-established in their fields, with lectureships at Exeter and Birmingham respectively. Their research has focused on cultural and social history, especially the Reformation and the changing nature of religious practices and beliefs in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. You can find out a bit more at our About Us page.


¹ Although we were all Warwickers, they had a different doctoral supervisor, so I suppose one might call them Marshallians rather than Hindleites.

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