History from below at NACBS

We don’t generally advertise events, but given the recent interest on the Monster in ‘history from below’, we thought we’d pass along a request from a colleague:

We are looking to put together a panel – provisionally entitled ‘New approaches to History from Below in Early Modern England, c. 1500-1800’ – for the upcoming North American Conference on British Studies in Minneapolis, MN, 7-9 November 2014.

We invite papers that:
– offer methodologically innovative approaches to understanding the continued relevance and significance of history from below
– suggest potential new directions and future possibilities of history from below
– consider what history from below can tell us and the significance of the different worlds it can reveal

Papers could take the form of case studies; discussions of the historiography of history from below in early modern England; explorations of the interaction between different analytical categories (e.g. class and gender); theoretical treatments; etc.

Please submit a 300 word abstract and one-page CV to hillary.taylor@yale.edu by Tuesday February 25th for the March 1st NACBS submission deadline. Proposals from graduate students and established scholars are equally welcome.

Feel free to be in touch with any questions.

All best,

Jason Rozumalski (PhD candidate, Berkeley)
Hillary Taylor (PhD candidate, Yale)

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